During the VIB sale at Sephora I picked up a few things from one of my favorite beauty brands, Fresh. Fresh is a brand that prides itself on using all natural ingredients and modern science to provide its customers with skincare that protects, brightens, and refreshes. If you are interested in products that improve the overall look of your skin while also providing vitamins and and nutrients to improve the health of your skin give some of their products a try. Below are reviews on just some of the many products I've tried from Fresh.

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil $52

I first heard about this product in a YouTube video of Puffin’s Wife. At first I paid it no mind because I did not think that an oil would benefit my skin type. I have oily/combination skin that gets a few breakouts here and there. Flash back a couple of months and I tried Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. oil which piqued my interest in beauty oils [but more on that on a later date]. A few weeks ago my skin started getting dry patches and feeling less hydrated while also getting out of control oily. My face itched and was constantly greasy. At that point I would have tried anything so I decided to grab this oil since it was so highly recommended and had glowing reviews on other sites. Needless to say it will now be a staple in my winter skincare regimen.

The oil is colorless, has a sugary sweet smell, and a runny viscosity. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for dispensing. When dispensing the oil a little cap inside of the neck of the bottle hugs the dropper and reduces the amount of oil that clings to the sides the dropper. It makes dispensing and applying the oil very clean and easy. The oil is not sticky, non-greasy, spreads easily, and soaks into the skin within a couple of minutes while also leaving a hydrating layer that protects moisture from leaving your skin. I first got a sample of this from Sephora and started using it by mixing it in with my moisturizer at night. When I woke up my skin was hydrated, supple, and baby’s bottom smooth. The wrinkles and lines I got in my face from sleeping so hard were non-existent! As the weather got colder and I felt like the oil wasn’t working as well I began just layering it on top of my moisturizer and I now prefer this application for the colder months coming. I think the best thing about this product is that it does not irritate my skin and does not clog my pores. This oil has also reduced the fine lines in my skin which I believe is an added benefit of water retention. For the size of this oil, one or two drops is all that is needed so I feel like it will last me quite a while. Whether you have oily or dry skin I would definitely recommend you try this product!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser $38

I first received this cleanser and a Clarisonic as a gift from my mom a couple of years ago. Since then I have repurchased this product multiple times. Although I have tried other cleansers I always come back to this one. For years this has been a staple in my skincare regimen. The formula is gentle with a light rosy scent, perfect for sensitive skin, and does not strip the skin. It contains soy proteins which moisturize while also combating oil, rosewater which is anti inflammatory, and cucumber extract for a calming effect. In my personal experience when I have had eczema patches pop up on my face this cleanser kept my skin from drying out any further. I use this cleanser morning and night and also in conjunction with my Clarisonic to remove face and eye makeup. A dime size amount is all you need and this cleanser will last for months.

Fresh Sugar Ultra-Nourishing Body Oil $48

I have a confession to the winter...I battle with my skin being perpetually ashy and sometimes even flaky. I know! I know! Not cute! Since the VIB sale rolled around I decided to get my life together and get a few body care products. Right now I'm loving the Lancer: The Method product line for the body! Look for a review on Lancer tomorrow. For a little background, I previously tried the L’Occitane Almond Skin Oil which worked to mediocre success and this time I decided to go with the Sugar Nourishing Body Oil from Fresh since it looked a bit thicker in consistency compared to the L’Occitane oil.

The oil is a clear yellow color with a sugary lemon scent. I don’t like to use body oils by themselves because the ash factor is real, so I find it is better to use a body oil in conjunction with a lotion for all day moisture.This also helps with the longevity of use. So after stepping out of the shower and patting dry I mixed the oil with my lotion and applied it all over my body. I’m very happy with how smooth and silky my skin looks and how long the effects last. I’m now keen to try their other body oils which were not available at my local Sephora. If you search online you will find that they also have a Rice Dry Oil and a Fresh Life Body Oil.

In conclusion, the only con I can think of for the Body Oil is the packing. The oil comes packaged in a heavy bottomed glass bottle but the opening to dispense the product is the size of a dime. In all honesty the packaging on this product is ridiculous and at a price point of $48 I’m sure you’ll agree that it is unacceptable. I would not recommend this product to anyone who is clumsy or prone to accidents. I would prefer a dropper, a pump, or even a spray bottle! If you are not careful you could pour out too much oil and even drop the bottle. In order to avoid dispensing too much oil I have to rest the neck of the bottle on my palm before slightly tilting the bottle until the oil comes out. Once I get the amount of product I need, I cup my hand and drag the neck of the bottle along my hand until I reach the side of my hand. I then twist to neck of the bottle on the side of my cupped hand. Even after all of that foolery oil still drips down the side of the bottle and onto the counter. Afterwards the bottle is visibly greasy and difficult to hold.

The instructions on the box state that the oil can be used on “damp or dry skin.” For clarity, I do not recommend anyone put this oil on wet skin. Wet skin and damp skin are not synonymous. It’s dangerous enough to use oil on damp skin. Although some skincare products can and do absorb better while the skin is damp, because this is a body oil application can be unsafe and a slip and fall may occur. Be very careful if you apply any oil on your feet. I would recommend if you were going to do so to apply the oil while you are sitting down and once the oil is applied immediately put on socks or slippers before standing up and going about your business.

Fresh Nourishing Naturals Lip Duo and Perfect Pink Lips Duo $25/$19

The Nourishing Naturals Lip Duo includes a Sugar Cream Lip Treatment in the color Buff and a mini Sugar Lip Treatment containing SPF 15. Buff is a warm peach color with a golden shimmer and a sweet, rosy scent. The scent is slight, almost negligible, and the product has no taste. The smell dissipates once applied on the lips. The Sugar Lip Treatment goes on like a lip balm and has no color, no scent, and no taste but it does add a hydrated sheen to the lips.

From left: Lip Cream in Blush, Lip Cream in Buff,
Lip Treatment in Clear, Lip Treatment in Rose

Cream Lip Treatment applicator-Beautezine
The Perfect Pink Duo includes a Sugar Cream Lip Treatment in the color Blush and a mini Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in the color Rose containing SPF 15. Blush is a rosy pink with iridescent shimmer with the same rosy scent as Buff. The color is very similar to the blush by NARS called Desire. As with the other lip cream it has no taste and the smell is light and disappeared once applied to the lips. The Sugar Lip Treatment in the color Rose is a sheer rose color that leaves a pretty sheen on the lips.
The Sugar Lip Treatment has always been a staple in my makeup bag because of it’s long lasting wear and moisturizing effects on it’s own and under lipsticks. My lips just feel luscious and supple after application and the feeling just improves with time and consistent use. I’m glad to have more mini sizes as I can never have enough but the Sugar Lip Creams are new to me. Both cream colors are semi-opaque and brown girl friendly. I think the best part about the lip creams are that they do not need a lip liner. They are thicker and more opaque than the Sugar Lip Treatments and initially go on thick and streaky, but melt into the lips after a few minutes and will not settle into fine lip lines. They last about two hours before you need to reapply. The lip creams are not great for layering so I would not say the color can be built up but I do not think that layering is the intent of the product anyway. All the lip products are great for a lighter, more natural everyday wearable makeup look.

                                                         Lip Cream in Blush
Lip Cream in Buff

*Please note that the different price points are because the Lip Creams are different sizes. The Nourishing Naturals Duo comes in similar packaging as the Perfect Pink Lips set.


All in all, I’m always willing to give Fresh products a try because I believe Fresh is a trustworthy brand and I like that they try to utilize natural ingredients. I have never had an adverse reaction to the skincare I have tried from Fresh. For me, their products either work, work amazingly well, or they have no visible effect on my skin. If you’re into aesthetics any of their products will look good on your sink or desk.

My Favorite Fresh Products:

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil $52
Fresh Soy Face Cleanser $38 full size/$15 travel size
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment $24 full size
Fresh Sugar Lip Serum $36.00
Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment (No longer available)

Next up for review: Lancer The Method Body Care
Check back tomorrow for the post

*Disclaimer: All products reviewed were purchased by me, the reviewer. All statements are from my personal experiences using these products and are not influenced by the opinions of others. All the information provided is of my general knowledge and all recommendations should not be placed above the recommendations of a medical practitioner.

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  1. Amazing review on Fresh brand. I have oily combination skin as well and after reading your thoughts, I am willing to give Fresh a try! Btw you pics are great! Thanks -Daena