Full Review of the NARS Wanted Palette

I want to start off by commenting on the packaging of this palette. The packaging is a simple kind of pretty and the pixelated eye printed on the cover is clever but the outer packing is not very interesting or eye catching. The silver surrounding it gives it a luxurious touch and it feels quite weighty. I have seen a comment that the packaging looks bulky but it really is quite petite while still maximizing space to hold a good amount of eye shadows. It seems as though it would be easy to travel with because it is small enough to hold in one hand and contains a mirror. I don't find the palette hard to open but if you have longer nails you might have an issue. The clasp is very secure and it won't mistakenly open. If you were to use this when traveling you can rest assured that it won't accidentally pop open and ruin the eye shadows. The only complaint I have is the matte black plastic surrounding the eye shadows gets very dirty but it is easy to clean if you do not mind the task.

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The NARS Wanted palette comes with twelve shades ranging from mattes, satins, and a few glitter shades. I’m actually quite surprised by how multifaceted all the shades in this palette are. I passed on palettes such as the Urban Decay Naked Heat and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette because I thought the pink and red tones were not realistic for everyday use and none of the shades in those palettes struck me as special. When I purchase a palette, I like to be able to utilize all of the shades regardless of whether they are pale or bright or dark. I also expect the product to work for me, not me having to work the product. So when I get a palette I look for and expect blend-ability, pigmentation, and adaptability. Of course since I do not own the Naked Heat or Modern Renaissance palettes I cannot accurately judge them but what I can say is that I can utilize every shade in the Wanted palette and each one is just as pigmented as the next.

I have utilized each shade in the Wanted palette and every one is buttery and smooth. The glitters are shiny and the satins gleam. If you are of a darker complexion there would be two transition shades, Seven Heaven and Shadow Hill. Biarritz is a great highlight shade to be used on the brow bone or on the inner corner of the eyes and I also have used it in conjunction with Satisfaction to highlight the cheek bones. It brightens Satisfaction just right to make your highlight pop more without looking ashy. Although Biarritz is quite pale it has a slight yellow undertone that makes it versatile and it can be blended out to brighten. As long as Biarritz is blended I do not find in anyway that it looks ashy.

The glitter shades Mendoza and Shooting Star are pigmented upon application with a brush but I find the best way to apply glitter shadows is with a finger. I do suggest using a glitter glue to get the best pigmentation and longevity from these shadows and applying them wet helps with fallout. You can also minimize fallout and increase pigmentation by applying the shadows wet.

Although Mendoza is probably the most interesting shade in the palette my personal favorite is Fallen Star. The color is so interesting as it shifts from olive green to gold depending on the light and application. By applying it wet you bring out more of the green in the shadow.

Another great addition to the palette is the inclusion of Coconut Grove. It is a deep brown that can be used alone for a smokey eye, as a transition shade, or as a liner. I personally love to use it to darken and shape my brows. Usually I like to use Urban Decay’s Secret Service but it is quite light and has an ashy quality to it. I have sparse brows so I use Secret Service as an everyday brow shade but when I want more of a statement brow with more definition I use Coconut Grove. I own the single shadow and comparing it to the one in the palette I would have to say that my single shadow is more pigmented. I did find I had to layer the one in the palette more in contrast to needing to use a lighter hand when using my single shadow as to not apply too much product. I prefer the palette version to use in my brows because it is a bit easier to work with.

Each day I used about five eye shadows for an everyday look. The shadows I use most are La La, Wicked Game, Temptress, Shadow Hill, and Coconut Grove. Temptress is a great shade to mix with the other colors if you want to warm them up a bit and it doubles as blush. Wicked Game and La La are perfect all over lid shades. I suggest putting Coconut Grove down as a base shadow and apply La La on top which really brings out the copper tone in the shadow. La La is similar to another one of my favorite eyes shadows which is NARS Lola Lola. Satisfaction and Delirium are beautiful highlight shades that reflect light for a luminous finish. If I want a more toned down eye look I will use Satisfaction to highlight but if I want more of a pow I will use Delirium. Props to the creative minds in charge of putting this palette together because both Delirium and Satisfaction can be used on dark skin on the cheekbones without looking ashy.

All in all this is a beautifully thought out palette that can be used on the darkest to the fairest of skin tones. I’ve literally been using this palette non stop since I got it and it has pretty much replaced the Anastasia Lavish Palette as my everyday palette of choice. The colors are wearable for everyday but with the glitter and shimmer shades you can use it for special occasions or a night out. I even see my self only taking this palette on trips because I can use the eye shadows all over my face. The NARS Wanted Palette is currently available at Sephora and NARS Cosmetics online. It is limited edition so you’ll want to get it as soon as possible before it sells out. If you would like to see some looks I did with the palette please check the home page to find a link to my Instagram @luxeshareebeauty.


  1. Hi,

    I really liked you review. I can relate to it. I had a question though. Have you got a chance to check out the Huda Desert Dusk palette? It has similar colors but more in number.

  2. No, I haven't tried the Desert Dusk palette although I was interested in buying the Huda Obsessions palette in Mauve because it looked very similar in tone to the NARS Wanted palette and was a bit cheaper. I decided to go for the Wanted palette because I was so excited about the release and I liked that there were transition shades that were diverse enough for light to dark skin tones.

    If you have any releases you would recommend though let me know and I will check them out!